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Estabslished in January 2013, Orion Foundation is non profit making organization whose sole purpose is promoting the well being of children with Cerebral and by extension, other special needs; creating awareness about the condition by initiating national dialogue on multiple platforms and channels; as well as a combination of advocacy and strategic legislative direction that results in policy change.

The foundation also provides a platform for research on physical and social factors of cerebral palsy. Further, we play a pivotal role in disseminating pertinent information and referrals on therapy provision; counselling services; assistive devices and equipment; and other support services.

Its formation was informed by the experiences of the founder who is a parent to a special needs child. These experiences revolved around false diagnoses and lack of knowledge on the factors that affected her child's growth and development. As a well educated woman, with good paying job and benefits like health insurance and great support from familly and friends, the challenges of dealing with her child’s condition still weighed down on her. She concluded that the challenges must be unbearable for many less privileged families.

As a result, she changed focus from her individual situation to that of all parents and guardians who find themselves in similar and worse situations and the foundation was born. The dream for the foundation is a time and space when special needs children and specifically children with cerebral palsy will be accorded the same if not better rights than their regular counterparts. This means working towards creating a system and infrastructure that accommodates and accepts these children.



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