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Kenya Community Centre For Learning

Kenya Community Centre for Learning

The Kenya Community Centre for Learning (KCCL) was founded in 2001 by a benevolent American lady, Astrid Robertson as a pioneer school for children with learning difficulties. This school offers alternative education for 6-21 year olds with diverse learning challenges. KCCL accepts students from all socioeconomic, cultural and religious backgrounds thus an all-inclusive atmosphere in which students explore and develop their full academic and personal potential. Kenya Community Centre for Learning (KCCL) is a non-profit making community school for learning challenged children.

Orion Foundation is systematically forging dynamic collaborations with individuals, businesses and organizations that develop and support ideas that are making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities. KCCL fits into this category of organisations as it provides specialized education for people with learning disabilities. Orion Foundation aims to work with KCCL to help improve the lives of the children they cater to.

More information of KCCL can be found at www.newkccl.com

Cerebral Palsy International Foundation

“The Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation (CPIRF) is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization with the dual mission to maximize the potential and quality of life of people with Cerebral Palsy and their families and to reduce the prevalence and impact of Cerebral Palsy through funding cutting-edge research… Since our founding in 1955, CPIRF has contributed more than $40 million for research grants to support approximately 500 research projects in the biomedical and clinical sciences and in bioengineering. The Foundation has provided guidance, funds and other resources to research programs in the United States, the Middle East, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Greece as part of its global commitment to research and medical discoveries. Our website offers access to over 160 “research fact sheets”, web casts of scientific workshops, current and past research projects as well as discussion forums regarding treatments currently available for CP. CPIRF also contributes to national and international meetings and organizes scientific workshops designed to identify research opportunities and provide state of the art knowledge concerning CP prevention, cure and care.”

We are forging a partnership with the Cerebral Palsy International Foundation (CPIF). As one of the leading global research institutions for neurological challenges, CPIF is going futuristic by investing on genetic research. They, therefore, become very important partners, linking us with the global arena and advances in research that have not yet happened in Kenya.

Find more information: www.cprif.org

Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya

Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya (CPSK) is a charitable Organisation working towards the improvement of the welfare of children/persons afflicted by Cerebral Palsy (C.P) in the country. The society was formed in 1994 by parents/ guardians of children afflicted by Cerebral palsy and has remained steadfast in its endeavours to enable as many children as possible to live more fulfilling lives.

We have forged a partnership with CPSK so as to support the noble work they do, in an capacity possible. We would like to see them have the capacity to cater to as many children/ people as possible.

More information on CPSK can be found at: www.cpsk.or.ke


Our belief is that if we assist parents and guardians of children with developmental disabilities to accept their children and the lifelong challenge that faces them, then, the stage has been set for more respite for both the child and the family.

We believe that Amani Counselling Centre is a perfect match for a partnership, for the reason stated above. They specifically help families of children with Cerebral Palsy cope with the challenges of raising such a child.

More information on Amani Counselling Centre can be found at: www.amanicentre.org


We are collaborating with the Ministry of Health to address Cerebral Palsy in Kenya. This is mainly through collaboration on various nation-wide projects regarding Cerebral Palsy, specifically with the Department of Reproductive Health.

Keep visiting our website to view more on our work with the Department of Reproductive health, as our collaborations increase.

Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK)

We are partnering with APDK to fill any gaps with regards to providing the best care and services to persons with disabilities, particularly those affected by Cerebral Palsy. This involves engaging with them on research, turning to them for provision of therapy services and any other complimentary support we may be able to provide them with.

More information on APDK can be found at: www.apdk.org

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