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Partnerships & Linkages

Orion Foundation is systematically forging dynamic collaborations with individuals, businesses and organizations that develop and support ideas that are making a difference in the lives of children with disabilities.

Therapies for Kids

Therapies for Kids is an emerging rehabilitation centre that is pioneering new methods and technologies for administering therapy and it is therefore one of the surest rehabilitation centres we refer families to.

Cerebral Palsy International Foundation

We are forging a partnership with the Cerebral Palsy International Foundation (CPIF). As one of the leading global research institutions for neurological challenges, CPIF is going futuristic by investing on genetic research.,

The Ministry of Education

The ministry of education is our starting point for the commencement of implementation of a special curriculum and building capacity for special education professionals. Currently, Kenya has less than 7 speech therapists trained overseas. Our aim is to initiate the implementation of local university level speech and language training in conjunction with the ministry of education.

Amani Counselling Centre

Our belief is that if we assist parents and guardians of children with developmental disabilities to accept their children and the lifelong challenge that faces them, then, the stage has been set for more respite for both the child and the family.

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