1. Trustees

Orion Foundation Trustees

Edna Thiongo

Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Consulting, is a research consultant. She brings forth a wealth of fresh ideas and processes for research and development as well as information dissemination. In view of the fact that the foundation is modelled around an information hub structure, she is a valuable addition to the team.

Humphrey Mwangi

Is a Financial Risk Adviser who has worked with Africa Trade Insurance and is currently the head of Credit in Africa with an International Bank. He brings forth invaluable experience in financial management and governance for the foundation

David Muturi

Is the Chief Executive Officer of Kenya Institute of Management. He is a guru in management and excellence. David played a key role in strategy development for the organization Therapies for Kids – one of our partner organizations. He brings forth unrivalled management expertise and useful contacts.

Michael Wachira

 Is an Information Technology expert who owns and runs an IT company that is rolling out Primary and Secondary Education online curriculums. As a result of the physical challenges of children with cerebral palsy, his expertise on corresponding IT interventions is very insightful.

Benson Kanyi

 Is a logistics expert who works with the United Nations; and, a family member to the founder. He brings a wealth of experience in managing logistics for research planning and implementation. 

Mukami Marete

Is a Finance Consultant who works with an NGO. Her mandate is raising funds for their programmes. She plays a crucial role in assisting the foundation in identifying, engaging and nurturing lasting relationships with donors.

Mary Warigia

Is a valuer who owns her own company, Orion Valuers, that primarily deals with the selling and letting of property. She also happens to be the founder of Orion Foundation. She is a mother to a child with Cerebral Palsy. She, therefore, makes up the back bone of the Trustees as she helps guide the foundation through the suggestion of issues it should address, based on the experiences she has had.

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