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Advocacy & Policy Change

As a foundation, we are also concerned with advocacy and policy change. We are focussing on up-stream solutions that revolve around engaging with the National Government and all other stakeholders for policy changes in the areas of: health, education, transport, social amenities and vocational training. For people with developmental disabilities, civil rights advocacy is not over. Orion Foundation will continue to be the voice to pertinent issues as well shining the light on injustices in order to solidify more rights for children with disabilities.

A common and often overlooked injustice is with regards to health. Medical cover for children with congenital disorders continues to be a mirage. It is the foundation’s mission to reverse this policy. There is also a growing need to draw more attention for empathy from medical practitioners and counsellors when handling families of children who have been diagnosed with development disorders. 

The above mentioned injustice is not the only way in which children and people with disabilities are excluded. There are many other ways in which people with disabilities have been excluded. Orion Foundation aims to raise concerns for these injustices at the highest level.




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